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September 12, 2020

Moving out. My other (Q Anon) roommate had a psychotic break last night cause I parked where he likes to park in the driveway ("his spot"). He was screaming and shaking, it was scary. I took my (Angelic Teacher) roommate's dog to my bedroom and locked the door for the night till Angel Teacher came home. He thinks we are out to get him, that I sit around and plot to upset him. I assured him I barely consider his existence and he said "What else would you be doing with your time? You don't do anything!"

September 10, 2020

I just re-read my last memo which is also my first memo. HAAHAHAHAHA!

September 9, 2020

There is a square of very tall slash pines planted around my subdivision. They are very human-like, about 30 feet tall and deep green against the sky. My roommate is a 3rd grade science teacher and she is convinced we live in a micro-climate, which would explain our daily powerful lightning storms that the surrounding area does not experience. She wants to buy a weather station for our backyard to confirm this hypothesis. I have no money to contribute- yesterday I tallied up the resale value of all of my belongs were I to chose to totally liquidate them and flee. I tried to round down. The pines that line the neighborhood serve to protect the homes here from lightning, intentionally or not. Maybe ten percent of the observable trees have been totally scorched by those notorious bolts. Why are they called bolts? A metal fastener bolt, rooting to the ground. Likely bolt in the sense of Usain Bolt. In old english bolt means "short, stout arrow with a heavy head". Etymology is useless in a sense but an interesting tool of historians, like reading the grand canyon's baklava layers over time to distinguish nutrient flows and exchanges. I am inspired to make a phyllo dough type pastry and contemplate layered everything. Stuff it with cheese. Who cares if it is useless? I will have to wait years until I realize how it changed my life, the old english meaning of bolt and the consequential spanikopita. It inspired a global spiritual war, subsuming to an era of peace. Just kidding, maybe. Goodbye.