Projects underway...

Frequenchies A travel film documenting a voyage through the spectrum of sound, setting off from the shores of pinging jiggle toys, ending in moving and calm waters.

Tastefuckers A screenplay about young people that confuse taste for love, content for art. Until one day, until the event that releases the world's data archives. How will they signal their authenticity in a state of cloutlessness? This is not a tale of pessimism. This is the story of four people on four continents, coping with their flaws and growing into worse people the more they attain.

Love I am deeply interested in pursuing the concept of love on a life-long experimental basis. Though my areas of interest mostly reside in the arenas of soul connections on a level of trust and community, I do accept and put faith in the promises of mythic partnership. I believe love is the most important force in the world.

Peace Lane My friend bought a new-build house in the suburbs and now she is trying to make into a home. I live there too and we are trying to fill it with things to make it a home.

Dream Machine Turning a record played with a broken arm into one of brian gysin's dream machines.

Blog of Boggy A correspondence between an employer on another planet and their traveling census man Boggy. I am ambassador to this content but claim no ownership. I facilitate these messages to be sent to employer's planet through fiberoptical data transmission.

Interviews Ongoing interview series. Next to be listed: special books by special kids, billectric

Newsletter I have a newsletter as well that I want to use to focus my waning obsessions into something written.

Little Pilgrims Everywhere 
Annexing Off The Rim

My dreams R'nt worthy

someone grew up with these

epiphanies as their most

corny cliche

My most enlightened moment is

that monks forgotten sundry

but I don’t want to live for

rigor and none of this is confessional

because I have no aims-

every poem forever and now is

in the shadow of how stupid 

the Amherst MFA scene really

was and how little I

seek to challenge this


F                 R


                          m !